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Originally Posted by runawayabc123 View Post
Reload them into 308 as AP is much less common there than all of our CMP AP 30-06
Mr. Newguy has only the cores... Not reloadable unless put into a sabot or new jacket.

Originally Posted by AlReiter View Post
If they're just the cores, can they really be reloaded???

Just reloaded: of course. Fired: no way.

Do not try it!!! It is extremely dangerous!!!

Every penetrator core is undersized so if put into a case and crimped, loaded into oversize chamber and fired it will go throught the side of the barrel. (most probably).
If the diameter of the core is the size of the bore or bigger then catastrophic failure will occur. The core is depending on the material of itself and the material of the barrel from 3 to even 7 times harder then barrel steel. If fired it will not take the rifling like a normal bullet whould. It will take the rifling with it through the bore because it is many times harder. Catastrophic increse of pressure will occur and literally a BIG KABOOM.
If you can manage to chamber it of course...

You can try to put it into a sabot, but i dont think they make them in 6 mm and if they do they still may not fit depending on the manufacturer, lot and many other variances. If we are talking about 30.06 AP of course(and not for example m61, fn p80, nm61 - they have different diameter of the core). Or you can make custom jackets.
You can not shot single cores.

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