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Default Reason for single loading/slow fire?

I've been shooting CMP/Hi-power matches intermittently for about 10 years but I still don't understand the purpose of single-load standing and prone.

Is it for preventing certain rifles from having advantages?
It is about forcing shooters to break position and re-acquire it consistently?
Is it about ensuring the weight of the rifle is the same for each shot?

There's disadvantages though:
* The round can roll out before you close your bolt
* Higher risk of Garand thumb (am I doing it wrong?)
* Extractor damage if you've been single loading with the round direct into the chamber (I think this is how mine broke)

I've wanted to bring my G3 clone over to shoot one of these matches for kicks, but the thought of opening the charging handle after each shot was pretty unappealing. Maybe the 30 HK slaps might make it worth the trouble.
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