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The young are truly amazing sometimes. The other day, I received the Fall 2021 edition of the GCA Journal. On the cover is a young slip of a girl holding her grandfather's M1 Garand. The Garand is about as big as she is. On page 8, an article states that this young woman went to Perry for the first time this year, and, with her AR 15, shot 55th in the President's Hundred. The article then goes on to mention another young woman from North Carolina who went Distinguished at age 16, shot 11th in the President's Hundred, which qualified her for the final shoot-off, and ended in 7th place with a score of 395-15X. She cleaned the prone rapid. She shot a 496-25x in the NTI setting a new record for High Woman shooter. Looking at her picture, she can't be more than 18-19 years old, if that. These kids are truly amazing. I am green with envy of their ability. Only in my dreams can I shoot as well as they can.
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