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Originally Posted by broomhandle View Post
Hello USMC Phrogs,

Are the caps alum or steel? Approx. cost for a set?

I have been told that the originals were steel & it was easy to cross thread them & ruin the very fine thread in the scope bell.
There was another active machinist making them out of alum. for that reason.

Personally would rather have a more original blued set, but my chances of
rushing to installing the caps at the range, could ruin a nice vintage scope..

This is what he emailed me - I charge $25 per cap. They are made from 12L14 steel.
They are polished and ready to blue. I do not blue.

I dont know him personally and just passing along info because it was so tough for me to find anyone who made them. Sam Marshall would be the best resource for questions. I just know mine fit well and look nice.
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