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Default AR-Tactical

Originally Posted by TexTenn59 View Post
Interested in the long-range match, just need to pick rifle. I have a Rock River LAR-308 with 20 barrel, free float rail, flash hider, flat top with 4.5 power scope, bipod and A2 fixed stock.

Thoughts if this fits within the M110 classification listed in rule 4.1.6???
I certainly feel the AR10 is the way to go for the Long Range matches and agree Rootsy on the 185 grain Berger (or possibly a 155 grain pill) will still be a drag race to get it up to speed out of a 20" barrel, but it can be done.

For AR-Tactical, your rifle weight including scope, bipod and magazine should be less than 14 lbs. (shouldn't be an issue with your rifle), also the trigger needs to be at least 4.5# pull weight.

My son (Dylan) shot AR-Tactical Long Range at Camp Perry this past year with his .223 AR15 launching 80 SMK's.....he scored a best of 194-2x with the winds off Lake Erie being a real challenge at times. It required around 3.3 Mil's windage correction (120" @ 1000 yds) and a ton of elevation (10.2 mil's or 367" at 1000 yds).

For this year, we just put together a 20" AR10 in .243 Win to shoot AR-Tactical at the Long Ranges Matches.....just a heads-up on the weight, with a heavy barrel and 14x-44 scope the rifle came in at 13.7# with no weight added. So depending on how your gun is equipped, it may be pretty easy to get close the 14# weight limit.

Hope to see you at the Range with your AR10

Andy & Dylan Legg
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