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Default Will my rifle work for EIC matches???

So I have decided to start competing for EIC points. I am going to signup for the 101 clinic in March, however only a few days after that is another EIC match that I would like to compete in. With that I have a bare-bones AR-15 flat-top I put together with a receiver I already had laying around and a Del-Ton 20'' Heavy Rifle Kit topped with a Nikon 1-4 scope. Nothing fancy at all, but it goes bang and is pretty accurate with ball ammo. When I put this rifle together several years ago its purpose was to be a rifle to practice with until I could afford a good match rifle, but after several deployments, schools, and then the beer-bug, well here we are.

My questions is, according to rule 4.1.1 when it refers to the barrel is states "No full-length heavy barrels are permitted. No portion of the barrel forward of the rearward location of the gas block or front sight tenon shall have a diameter exceeding .750." So, what is considered a "Full-length heavy barrel"? On my barrel it is less than .750" forward of the gas block, but it is greater than .750" under the hand guards.

Any assistance is appreciated as I am trying to get started, and worst-case I will just do the clinic for now, or I could pull scopes off my M1a's, but I don't really want to do that at this point.

Also, I have no fantasy or allusion about what my rifle is, I just want to use it to get me started until I can purchase a better rifle. I know a free-floating match barrel with a different twist would be better, or a Nightforce scope is preferred for some.
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