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Originally Posted by Normanclature View Post
I shot on a high school rifle team using a Remington 513 T for 1 year and a Winchester 52C for 3 years. Then shot on an ROTC rifle team with a Remington 40XB for 4 years.

I liked the 52C the best because of the smooth action, the stock fit, the Redfield Olympic rear and International front sights. The 40XB had Redfield Olympic front and rear sights. Accuracy was about the same on both the 52C and 40XB.
Originally Posted by smag View Post
52's are nice. Some shot real well and the standard barrel 40x could really shoot as well. I think the 52 is a nicer rifle but they are real close in as far as accuracy.

Think they 40XB were a little heavy to have all that barrel hanging on that short portion of the threads in receiver. Prolly why the 40x standards shot better and they are certainly easier to shoot in prone.

They were both good for their time. They wont hold a candle to these new prone 22 lr rifles. They run about what?, $30k for one that'll keep you on the line in International Comp?

Thanks, Nomenclature and smag.

I'm shooting in a weekly smallbore match and have been shooting my 52B, 52C, 40XB and BSA Martini MK V. All of them seem to shoot well with good ammo.
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