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I have no intention of refinishing or removing the steps in the barrel. Apparently, before my time with CMP, there was an old server with tons of info from alot of builds guys did in the past. The one bit of info you can find here that was brought forward involves a guy removing the steps, cutting a receiver cone, adding a muzzle break, tapping the receiver etc, etc. Seems really cool, apparently shoots very well too, but it also allegedly took away accuracy as the barrel was shortened to something shorter than Dr. Mann discovered and the steps in the barrel are there to deal with harmonics. I agrea with "Bob" who suggested reading "Secrets of the Houston Warehouse". The article ties it together nicely. Matter of fact I believe Bob owns that rifle still. He'll chime in I am sure.

I go back and forth on the sleeve issue. What's the point in keeping it? Is it going to be a major selling point some day? CMP allegedly has a couple thousand of these things. Am I really destroying history? No one has a picture of the Mount the sleeve goes into. Or details as to how it was used precisley. If they did would I be testing NATO rounds in my basement at some sort of concrete monolithe I fabricated next to the washer & dryer? Would my wife ever sex me up again if I did and really if I was "that guy" would I be into her sexing me up anyway?

Right now I am at chucking it up in the lathe and revising the collar to be something that might aide in bedding, with a radius by the receiver, maybe a little polishing and some cold blue. Fit it into a Military type stock. Maybe live up to my Bubba name and scab a Model of 1917 Butt plate onto the Turkisk K98 stock just so I can hide a cigar in there which I would pull out on the firing line much to the amusement of my friends.

I can't bring myself to tap a 1903a3 receiver. I have a sportsterized 1903a3 rifle I could swap receivers and remove the collar. But then it'd need to be re-headspaced. Right now it is "perfect". If I did that I'd want a spacer to fill the area the collar vacated. The re-headspace it. I could use the unmolestered collar as a paper weight.

As you can see I'm on the edge...

On a personal note, I feel this project with your Dad is a fantastic idea. I lost my Dad to cancer over the summer. He was an avid shootist and totally into the mann project rifle. We discussed it often tho I do not know what he would do with the collar.
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