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Originally Posted by Mwieczorek View Post
So, a friend of mine built himself a 3 position smallbore rifle using a CZ452 (the predecessor to the 457). The action is good, but you have to make a lot of other changes to make it work. He installed a Lilja barrel and bought an aftermarket stock and had a UIT rail fitted for a handstop and a 4 way buttplate added. He added a bloop tube and decent sights to finish it. The gun shoots well, but his trigger still is a bit stiff. It will hold the 10 ring on an A17 target, but I'm not sure how it would do on the USA50 or A36.

I am a lefty, so I struggled with a solution for smallbore. For a long time I shot a Winchester 52D and just reached over to work the action, which sucked because I couldn't keep the rifle in my shoulder between shots. I tried doing something similar to my friend with a left handed Savage Mk II target model. I put it in a different stock and made it adjustable, and added an aftermarket trigger. Mine will also clean an A17, but not a USA50.

I finally found a left handed Anschutz 2013 for a decent price and bought it. It is light years ahead of any of my other smallbore rifles that I own. The action and barrel may not be *that* much better, but the trigger and adjustability of the stock make the difference. I can shoot a full prone string without breaking position, I can set the stock just so for offhand and then completely re-configure it for sitting or kneeling.

Depending on how serious your friend is, you can go out and shoot and have fun with the CZ or the Savage, but your friend may get frustrated because the guns just won't shoot to his/her potential.

Just my opinion, YMMV....

Thanks for all the info. The friend is just a casual/club shooter. I donít think he has the money or interest to invest in an Annie. He is somewhat handicapped so he only shoots offhand and prone. I was hoping/wondering if the CZ would work for him without spending a bunch of money and time.
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