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Welcome to the forum.
Thanks Dlk51. Here's the details about my kit. I've been doing some reading and there are a few more pics I should take of the the sear and hammer and so on so I will try to do those tonight and update later...

I need to do a lot more research on where and what to measure so if anyone has any links they could point me to it would be very much appreciated.

So here's my CMP grade A M14 parts kit. I took the pics with my iPhone so sorry about the quality but you'll get an overall sense of what I got for my money. You'll notice a slight patina of rust on the op rod in one pic, but I found that a quick spray with Barricade followed by a stroke or two with a brass brush and all that wiped off onto a clean rag nd the part looked good afterward, no pitting or anything. Several of the parts were H&R, the hammer is TRW. The stock looks very good including all the metal although the hand guard had a decent size gouge in it but that's only cosmetic of course. The DOD cartouche is faintly visible and the proof stamp is more pronounced. No splits, cracks and only a couple of minor dings. My novice opinion is that just from a cosmetic inspection, on the whole, I did well for $600. The one area of concern I have is the tab on the op rod, it's a bit worn but I don't have the experience to know how serviceable it is (back to that where how what to measure thing). I also haven't learned enough to be able to check to see if the op rod is within spec but I look forward to learning more and finding that out. I welcome any feedback from the more knowledgable members on the board about what I have here and what areas may need to be addressed. In the meantime I'm reading up as much as I can (I purchased a few good reference books a while back). I hope you all find the pictures helpful and if there's anything else that would be helpful to see just let me know...

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