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So I've also been reading the primer on the NM forum, which is quite good BTW.....

So short version:

So the parallax effect could be quite small, depending on the exact situation, but to minimize the variable as much as possible, you have several choices:

-choose a scope or modify so the parallax is set at, say 300yds, instead of say 100yds.
-For that matter choose one that has adjustable parallax.

-use one of these reducers to either:
+reduce the affect even more with the above.
+if you don't have a scope that is adjustable (or you haven't gotten it done).

-Or just rely on the idea that your cheek weld/head position is consistent enough and "drive on down the road....."
(because of course if you are really consistent, you have in effect, eliminated the parallax, because your head isn't changing shot to shot).

Is that in a nut-shell?

But you also bring up the idea of the FOV being too big generally...... Can you expand on that?
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