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Default Legal scope for Colt HBAR

Reading the rules and forum searches on service rifle legal scopes is not helping find a practical way to help me. I have a very early Colt AR HBAR I do not want to modify other than adding a sling and a service rifle/high power legal scope.

I've read they are a few ounces over limit, and others swapped parts to make weight. Seems odd as I thought Colt made these civilian versions of what they made for the USMC. Is that true?

Also, are there separate iron sights classifications, or are they in the same classification as scoped rifles in high power, and military matches? I don't mind iron sights if I'm not competing with scopes.

This is my first foray into the dark side of plastic black rifles. I still believe it ain't real unless its wood steal, and the M1 is America's rifle, in America's caliber.

That said, whats legal and practical to get my HBAR scoped?
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