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Originally Posted by broomhandle View Post
Hi All,

I really don't think it's been wrapped up since 1906 as new, if it has a parked finish. The auction is not stating it's NOS, it's a blind buy!
Someone is buying a dream or well off enough to help the CMP with a big gift. It might be preserved in some very expensive grease
I have two - Springfield 1905 & a 1909 Rock Island Armory. They are both in very nice shape. They were both bought from the CMP, when they were released for sale a few years ago.

I hope the buyer is very happy with it,
It isn't from 1906, it is from 1918. And yes, it could be new in the wrap with a Parked finish. 285,000 were made that year. Late in 1918 was when they changed the finish. I got mine 6 years ago and paid about 1/4th the current bid. It is still wrapped and only was opened enough to look at the finish, nearly black Parked. A second one I got 5 years ago cost me 1/3rd the current bid and was also a late 1918 and Parked and was in the wrapper. It has since gone to a LtC ( Ret ) whose dad I was friends with who was born in 1918.
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