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Default Just Ordered 2 Field Grades

Yup, I'm hooked.

My very first Garand arrived mid March; SA 4391641 with a dark red walnut stock and standard DOD eagle cartouche, IHC fire control group, SA 6 54 barrel gauged 3 throat/2 bore; has nearly zero historical importance but it is a great shooter.

My second Garand arrived 14 days ago is a SA 4274345 Special Rack with brand new Criterion barrel and beautiful new walnut sock. Bolt and fire control group both SA. Tried a few hand-loads in this this past weekend and very impressed with the rifle and might want try a match in the future.

My order for 2 Field Grades went in the mail today and looking forward to seeing what I get.

I remember the M1 Carbines going out of stock some 10-12 years ago and have not seen any offered (outside of auction) since. I'm thinking the Garand will go the same way, and sooner than many think.

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