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Perhaps I can shed a very little light on the subject. Every lot of military ammunition had to meet accuracy requirements to be accepted. For example, M118 7.62 Match ammunition had to produce a 3.5 " mean radius at 600 yards. Samples from each lot were sent to a testing facility - at various times this could have been Frankford Arsenal, RIA, APG, etc. At some point the manufacturing facilitiies were required to have their own test set up. I believe as late as the '50's and '60's the Govt had personnel stationed on sight (military or civilian) to observe and certify the results. As you see in those old photos at an early time they actually tested at the required range. Later they built tunnels to limit the effect of wind and climate and fired the ammunition using the Mann devices as a known constant test bed at 100yds/m and extrapolated the results. The number of test required resulted in a large number of the devices and the barrels being manufactured. I know that SA, FA, and later RIA manufactured most of the barrels.
When I was at RIA in the '70's Rodman Lab still had Mann devices that could be mounted into a machine rest with a large armor shield that were used in ammunition development. The only test I witnessed using these devices was in development of the projectile profile for the 6mm SAW cartridge. Shortly after that, the lab was closed down and the equipment and mission transferred to Picatinny Arsenal. Hope this may help!
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