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Originally Posted by ODCMP View Post
I haven't seen those markings either, but that doesn't cause much concern since there have been a lot of odd markings on these barrels. I wouldn't be surprised at another barrel maker we haven't seen. The profile of the barrel also seems correct.

What is noticeably different though is the sleeve and/or the receiver end of the barrel. The sleeve on all of the Mann barrels I have seen extends all the way to the receiver and extends around a step on the end of the barrel. On your barrel, the sleeve stops well short of the receiver. Can you tell if there is a step in the barrel at that point, or has the sleeve just been cut down?

I'm not sure what your referring to. It seems to me to be the same as the photo on the CMP rifle sales page. Here is probably the best photo that I have of the receiver end of the barrel. It has a large diameter stepped down to a smaller diameter and then stepped down to the same size 1.25" size of the main barrel diameter. I think what you may see is the difference between actual original stock and the full stock that I put on it. The original stock was cut off at the face of the receiver, the stock I put on it is cut off at the just behind the first step in the barrel.

Thanks, Darrell
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