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Default 22 Jul 2012 - Scope Is Attached to a Unmodified MANN Accuracy Device

Pictured below, attached to a steel Nightforce Gunsmith Picatinny Rail, is a Nightforce 12-42x 56mm precision Benchrest Scope fitted with an optional 3 inch sun shade extension and a ELEVATION and CANT bubble indicator. The barrel support tube (pictured earlier in this thread) and stock extension (to be defined) has not been attached.
This assembly will now be disassembled and the Picatinny Rail and Support Block will be parkerized (after I have completed making two more of each of them).
The scope is attached to the rail with a Nightforce Unimount which will allow me to switch it to my other MANN Accuracy Device. The Unimount and the rail EACH have a 20MOA TAPER to offset the extreme elevation of the scope above the barrel and to permit this device to be used for long distance shooting. Total weight as shown here is 24 pounds.


I am adding the final assembly draings here. I only have Adobe Photo Elements 7 to do my drawings so please overlook the lack of professionalism.


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