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Default MANN Chamber Test update

Today I obtained four factory loaded 7.62x51 NATO cartridges to test the chamber of my MANN Accuracy barrels.
The Test Results :
The bolt closes into full battery locked position on all four of these cartridges in both of my MANN rifles. Therefore I conclude that any factory loaded NATO
7.62x51 ammunition will work in an unmodified 7.62x51mm MANN Accurcy Device.
(Unmodified is a statement that means the head space on a MANN rifle is already correct for the MANN rifle using the ammunition it was designed to use.)
Previous tests of mine have shown that the same results can be had for hand loads if the case is sized with a 308 SMALL BASE die. It does not matter if the brass used is 308 Winchester or 7.62x51mm NATO, as long as it is sized to the small base dimensions. Any future resizing of the brass for hand loads for that rilfe will only require neck sizing. The life of the brass will be quite long since the case is not expanded when it is fired. The accurracy will also improve as zero head space eliminates one variable affecting accuracy.


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