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Originally Posted by GYUSMC View Post
My 7.62 mann also has a "tight" chamber. No problem with surplus loaded ammo. But when I resize, only 2 or 3 cases out of 10 will chamber. Doesnt matter if it's a FL or SB die. My smith suggested taking a few thousands off of the top of the shell holder to allow the case to go further up into the die. Have not tried it yet, still waiting on the new stock.
Do you have a 308 Case Head Space Gage?
The factory loaded NATO rounds I have are flush with the bottom of the DILLON case head space GO slot, just like the SM sized cases are. No difference. I have a DILLON RL550 press and use the the DILLON shell plate for sizing. If the SB sized case shows short in the case head space gage, taking a little (very little) off the shell holder would do it. One thousandth of an inch is all it takes to prevent chambering. Make sure your SB die is seated deep enough in the tool holder to solidly engage the top of the shell holder.

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