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There is no feed ramp built into the mouth of the MANN Device chamber. The cartridge must be placed directly into the chamber and the bolt closed.
Cartridges will not feed properly into the unaltered MANN chamber from the 1903-A3 magazine
The 5.56 Remington Action Mann didn't come with a "half stock" so I made one so I could play with it until I figured out what kind of Vice to build to hold the device.

I wanted to check some of my 77 SMKs for my White Oak Service Rifle.

I found it a pain to single load, takes forever, THEN found out the Remington Mann will feed from the magazine.

I tried some brass. Winchester new, unfired brass barely allows the bolt to close. That's not a big problem from me because I always run new brass through a SB die before I load it.

I didn't check but it looks like there is zero headspace. The face of the bolt, and the rear of the chamber part of the barrel needs to be kept clean or you will notice it, even closing the bolt on an empty chamber.

I have some 64 gr Speer Gold dot I was given to work with prior to running a LE Sniper school.

I fired it through the Mann and then put the case in a Wilson gage, Zero expansion. I fired the same ammo through my White Oak, and tried it in the gage, It measured about .005 longer then the same brass out of the Mann.

I forgot to check to see if I had to neck size the brass to see if that is required for reloading, I'm sure it will if you're going to use it in a gas gun, maybe not in a bolt gun. Gonna have to try that tomorrow.

The Speer ammo shot alright but nothing compared to my 77 gn SMKs with R-15 powder out of new Winchester Cases.

If I can find one, I'm going to take my "butt ugly" half stocked Mann to a F-Class match.
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