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Originally Posted by Finch View Post
can you not embed pictures here all i see are links is this a board featrue that has been disabled?

can we get it back? its annoying to click the links to see the purdy purdy garand pictures
if your account is not set up to show the pix, you'll just get a link.
so you have to go into your UserCP (user control panel) and check that box..

To be able to see the images in a thread...

After logging in, got to the "User CP" up in the menu.
Go down to
"edit options"
Now scroll down to...
"Thread Display Options" and find "Visible Post Elements"
and check the box next to"Show Images"
"Show Images (including attached images and images in [IMG] code)"
The scroll down and click
"Save Changes"...
And if the person did the "insert image tag" correctly, you'll be seeing images. This should also allow you to post pictures as images rather than links, using the "Insert Image" icon.
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