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Originally Posted by Quarterbore View Post
I donít have a personal use or need but here is a video of another way to make a 5-rd clip but use his short side as your long side and you could make a 3-rd.


I donít know that a commercial company would sell enough to justify a new SKU especially for as cheap as they sell them but I bet there is a better chance if a larger organization like CMP or VFW were to place an order for say 1000 of these at once and then they distribute them to that customer base.
Thanks for the video.

I agree with you that it would take a large order and interest from an organization like CMP to get a company to manufacture a three round clip.

The problem with individuals altering existing 8 round clips to hold only 3 rounds is that there would be no over all quality control, and it could cause liability issues.

If a company which already produces 2, 5, or 8 round clips were to be offered a contract to produce a quantity of 3 round clips, they would probably jump on the opportunity, as they would need only a minor tooling change to accomplish the task.

Since the US armed forces do not use the M1 in honor ceremonies (they use either the M-14 or the M-16), they would see no justifiable reason to fund such a project. But the CMP could easily justify it in the name of safety and support for the Veteran Honor teams using CMP furnished M1 rifles.
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