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I doubt you will need a SB die. The Mann chamber was cut to accept 7.62 Nato spec ammo.
I have a Timney in mine. Works fine. Set at <1lb. Do not buy the Timney with the safety. It will not fit without altering the receiver.
You will give up quite a bit of precision at 1,000yds with the short barrel. Notice i said precision and not accuracy. The muzzle velocity is quite a bit lower so the bullet is in flight for a much longer time(relatively) and outside factors will have a bigger affect.
Find a smith who WILL NOT anneal the receiver to drill and tap. You may have to buy them for him but purchase two carbide single flute bits. Purchase 3 or 4 3-flute taps from Brownels. They are listed as premium for hard metals. Do not use carbide taps. They break easily and are very hard to get out if they do break. Use a lot of high sulfur cutting oil. (A GOOD smith should know all of this anyway)
Don't touch the barrel contour!
The 03A3 action doesn't lend itself to bedding very well. Bed only the rear tang and the recoil lug. Do put one single pad of bedding in the stock about 3-4" in front of the receiver ring to support the barrel and take some of the stress away from the receiver. That 11lb barrel hanging on the light, flexible Springfield receiver is not a good thing.

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