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FWIW, I am still designing, in my mind, how I will do my Mann Rifle. I am about 90% decided to remove the collar by plunge cutting it off in a lathe leaving a small radius section to sure things up at the barrel to receiver interface.

I have a couple of USGI stocks which have been sportsterized to an extend that "we" would consider criminal today. I can send you one for cost of shipping if you like.

I pickedupa "Scant" stock off DuPage a while back for $50 bucks which is too nice tobutcher but not nice neough to use on a restoration; if that makes any sense.

My current thougths, and I have done ZERO measuring, and am basing this entriely off supposition, I have a Mauser K98 stock of Turkish origin which I am thinking of using. I could be sooo wrong but I believe the receivers, in terms of how they meet the stock, are virtually identical. The advantage here, if true, is the K98 stock does not have lightening channels cut in the barrel channel leaving more wood for use out front.

Apologies for any thread high jacking. Food for thought for the masses I suppose.
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