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Originally Posted by Ted Brown View Post
Well, you might want to take a look at my web site or maybe Google some of the comments my customers have made about my work. I've been a competitive shooter since 1963 (mostly retired from that now) and I started working on M14's in 1978 after working on Garands for some time. About 90 percent of my work is on M14 type rifles and it's been a full time occupation for over 20 years now. You may be thinking my comments about my use of demilled receivers is something that I do on a constant basis, but it's something I only do on occasion when a fitting problem comes up. The connector rod thing involves just the front half of the receiver. The dummy kits require modifications to the front end of the connector rod to insure they clear the connector and bottom side of the rail. It's easier to do this check on a demill than on the barreled receiver as assembled. Everyone has their own way of doing things. I'm not going into all the details of how or why I do what I do. If you doubt my reputation ask Lou at LRB Arms or Gary from the former GunWorks of L.A. or anyone else in the industry.
My questions have nothing to do with your reputation.

This thread is about these "demilled" receivers......

You said you used them as a "....reference when checking tolerances on commercial receivers....."

So I asked what you meant by that and to give an example.

That's it.
Thank You.

PS..... my third question/comment was "thinking out loud"...... that if you needed a reference M14 receiver, just go to the source.
One of my many pleasures in life was spending time training with Long Mountain Outfitters some years ago.
Their armory of reference full autos (of course M14's too) was amazing!
They allowed me to examine and discuss so much of the history and technology while holding it on my hands.
I just it thought it might help you with your endeavors..............
Service Rifle.... RIP .... 1884-2015

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