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Default 1911 Paperwork Packet for Auction

I am new to CMP and CMP auction site. I am thinking about bidding on a 1911 or 1911A1. The website says 'CMP 1911 Paperwork and Payment must be received by 3:00 pm CST, the following Friday from date of auction close out.
CMP 1911 Paperwork will be emailed The Monday morning after Auction close out. '

I am curious which documents are included in this emailed 'CMP 1911 Paperwork'? I understand that in addition to regular ordering packet, it must have a copy of a signed 01, 05, or 07 FFL. The CMP 1911 website also mentioned a 1911 order form, but I cannot find it anywhere online. Is it actually same as the universal order form or something specific to 1911/1911A1?

Thank you very much!
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