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1. The paperwork included in the email sent to auction winners IS the 1911 order form/packet.
2. It is not available on the CMP website because they are not currently accepting orders (if they were available, guaranteed people would still attempt to submit them). Thus why auction winners will receive all necessary documents to complete their auction purchase, clearly stated on their website and the auction listings, as you note.
3. It is not the same as the CMP universal order form...the 1911 order forms are specific to the 1911 program, and do include a provision to submit the receiving FFL info.
They will NOT accept the universal order form for any 1911 purchase, which takes us back to the point of the email sent to auction they have the appropriate paperwork to complete and submit for their 1911 auction purchase.

Any further questions can be directed to the 1911 auction folks:

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