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Originally Posted by twh1997 View Post
So your answer is that there is not a limit of one 1911 purchase per approved packet as applied to the auction 1911s and that anyone can bid on and buy as many 1911s as they want from the auction page? If thatís correct that is not the way I initially understood the process. As originally presented my understanding is that once you received an RGN you could use it to purchase from the auction or wait and purchase when your number came up but you were limited to only one.
No, that is not what was said at all. Your initial understanding is correct.
BLUF: You are allowed to purchase ONE 1911 pistol, whether you buy it on auction OR from the RGN process.
As per the 1911 section on the CMP site, and the FAQ here....

1. Until, and if all current orders are exhausted and new pistols received, customers may purchase ONE and only one 1911 pistol, regardless of whether it is purchased via the RGN process or via auction.

2. If you have already purchased a pistol via the RGN process, you may not purchase one on the auction. You may be able to bid, and even win the auction, but when CMP cross checks the info, they will catch it and the auction win will be invalidated.

3. If you submitted a packet and have a RGN but have NOT yet purchased a pistol, you can win one on auction. If you do that, your RGN will be voided and you will not have an opportunity to purchase one via that process. But, the paperwork you submitted will he used to process the auction win...that is what he was highlighting.

4. If you did not submit a packet/receive a RGN, you can purchase a 1911 off the auction. If you do, you will be required to submit your paperwork at that point. And that is your one cannot purchase another one off auction.

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