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Originally Posted by Old Chief View Post
That's one beautiful rifle you have there but it's definitely not made from a Mann Accuracy Device. The average Mann Device had about a 22" very large barrel.
I figured that out eventually. I suppose this thread is not in the right place but I appreciate the input.

I've been trying to find out a bit more about this rifle as I inherited it from my father in law, who had inherited it from a friend of his. All I know about it is that it's got a barrel clearly marked as having a Mann chamber and it is chambered in .250 High Power, which I believe is the same as .250 Savage. I have not taken a chamber cast of it, but the rifle includes a few loaded rounds and a set of dies marked to go with it. The work done to it seems to have been carefully done, but I've not fired it.

From what I understand, the Mann chambers were designed with a very tight neck (like zero clearance). The guy I inherited it from was in the habit of neck turning all rifle brass and all his reamers required it. I don't know that he ever fired this rifle, but he did have a strong interest in cast bullet target shooting and also loved the .25 cal.
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