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Originally Posted by kraigwy View Post
Recoil shield isn't what its called. I met the lug that goes between the barrel and receiver. Heavy as this barrel is, I agree with you that its not needed. Especially if the stock is inleted for the donut.

Yes the action came drilled in tapped from the factory so I won't have to modify the action.

Guess I'll get one of the grandkids to set the camera clock.

When I get this set in a stock, I doubt its gonna be pretty, but nether is the guy who will be shooting it.

I got high hopes that is is gonna be one heck of a tack driver.
How long is that barrel, measured from the face of the bolt to the muzzle?
I'm pretty sure it will turn out the be the tack driver you want it to be.
As to "pretty", that in the eyes of the beholder.
The prettiest girls are not always the sleek thin ones.
Once you dress her up and put some wood on her you will see an entirely different girl.
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