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Default Swedish Gevar 6/Carl Gustaf 63 Classification?

Hi, I was wondering if anyone has had any experience shooting the Gevar 6/CG 63 in competition and what it would be classified as. These were rifles built by the Carl Gustaf factory/arsenal for use by the military and civilians in their version of CMP competitions. These rifles came standard issue with diopter rear and globe front sights.

According to rule 4.2.5e:

"Sights must be of the same types that were on rifles issued to regular
military personnel. Special purpose sights designed for sniping, target
practice or competition are not permitted;"

Rule 4.2.1g

"Sights must be of the same types that were on rifles issued to regular
military personnel, except that the internal diameter of rear apertures may
be modified. Adjustable apertures, interchangeable inserts and lens
inserts of any type are prohibited. Special purpose sights designed for
sniping or competition are not permitted"

This would move the rifle out of the as-issued foreign military category despite them coming as-issued with those particular style of sights.

I was wondering if anyone had experience with this particular foreign military rifle or similar rifles such as those from Switzerland which were commonly given diopter sights by the Swiss military arsenals. It feels like kind of a weird predicament because if I were to remove the original, as-issued sights, I would also be breaking the rule about the sights being the same type that were standard issue (There are no original Gevar 6's/CG-63s without this style of sights). If I keep the original sights, then it would also violate the second rule because the front sight does have the ability to swap out inserts.

If anyone has any sort of remedy to this issue, I would greatly appreciate it. I've seen inserts for the front sight that look like a standard vertical front sight post, perhaps this would bring it within the rules? It would be a real shame if this vintage military rifle in its as-issued in configuration would have to compete in the open/unlimited category.

Thanks in advance.

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