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Originally Posted by CDRT View Post
The NRA used to say either one, but it appears now it goes in the cylinder, since the barrel on a revolver is not the chamber:
3.21 Empty Chamber Indicator (ECI) - An ECI is required in all NRA Sanctioned Pistol competitions to indicate the slide is open and the chamber is empty. The ECI, when inserted into the revolver or pistol must extend into the empty chamber or cylinder and must be externally visible.

The CMP does not specify which, since they are new to the revolver game. Per their rule, I would guess it would go into the cylinder, since that's where the chambers are:
3.6.1 Safety Flags
Safety Flags (formerly called Empty Chamber Indicators or ECIs) must be placed in all pistols when they are removed from a vehicle and/or carried on a range whether they are carried in a pistol box or case or are carried uncased. Safety flags may only be removed during preparation and firing periods. Safety flags must be fluorescent orange, yellow or a similar bright color and must have a probe that inserts into the chamber and a visible flag that projects out from the open gun action.

I doubt if anyone will call you on it, if you put it in the barrel.
The guy next to me at the Harry Reeves Match at Perry got called out on an ECI in the barrel one year. He said “it’s an empty CHAMBER indicator” maybe three times even though no one had challenged him. It’s kind of goofy because you can close a cylinder with live rounds in an S&W L-frame and still technically have a weedwhacker line in the last chamber…..oh well, not worth arguing about.
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