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Originally Posted by hebes405 View Post
A few years ago they said the NTI was supposed to be all electronic in 2021.
I have mixed feelings on e targets. The pits ard half the. Experience of a highpower match in my opinion . But e matches give shooterx more time e to prepare for shooting. They are also very nice in the rapids.

I'm shooting an XTC match at perry in June. Maybe we will get some intel about the nationals at that time.
I'm with you there. Shooting service rifles and working pits along with military participation is what gave these matches their very unique feel.

Allowing scopes and all sorts of aftermarket doo-dads was bad enough, but the thought of losing the pit experience, particularly at Perry, is a very sad notion to me.

And what's the up-side? Get the match over faster? Why would I want to do that? I'd like the world to slow down a bit. A few long hot days at Perry are often the very medicine the doctor ordered.

Anyhow, no sense lamenting changes that haven't taken place yet. I'll be at Perry for the P100 and the NTI. Can't wait!
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