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Originally Posted by champ0608 View Post
...Allowing scopes and all sorts of aftermarket doo-dads was bad enough, but the thought of losing the pit experience, particularly at Perry, is a very sad notion to me...
Anyhow, no sense lamenting changes that haven't taken place yet. I'll be at Perry for the P100 and the NTI. Can't wait!
I definitely “get” what you mean about working in the pits. There’s bullets going 3 feet over your head, at about 3000 ft./s, and you’re perfectly safe!
Everybody should work the pits at least once! That’s said, the sport is changing and continuing to change. The electronic targets cut the time of the match in half, and I believe, attract More new people to the sport.

Example: at the CMP Eastern games, which has used electronic targets for several years, I have shot five rifle matches, with five different rifles, in two days! Even though these were 30 shot “games matches”, there’s no way I could’ve gotten that many matches in in two days if we were working the pits.

Regarding the use of scopes and other “doodads”: the service rifle has evolved since 1881. Our sport must reflect what Army and Marine infantrymen use currently in warfare. And it does.

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Read "War is a Racket" by MG Smedly Butler,USMC. He knew war,and was awarded the Medal of Honor twice. You can find it online.
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