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I got a Correct HRA Garand mail order back in 2010 or 2011, it was, and is, superb. As Orest had stated in the past, the only difference (back then) between corrects and collectors was the condition of the stocks. The stocks on my two corrects are very nice as far as I am concerned. Now you can't get either and can't even chose the make of the one service grade still available.

I've only gotten one auction item, a Paratrooper M1A1 carbine that was used at D-Day. Original low wood stock, Feb 44 date. I deliberately bid on a low wood because the high wood ones were getting too high. This one slid in under the radar for me, I'm very pleased with it as well.

I got some carbine mags and M1911 mags back when they were offered, I have plenty of each, having bought many carbine mags on prior trips to the SS.

But now, prices seem to be going up past the stratosphere. The M1911A1s are going sky high as well. I thought about bidding on one of the more plain varieties, but when I looked at completed sales, even those were through the roof. I guess I'll wait for my random number to come around.
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