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Originally Posted by Archon View Post
Here's where I think the class needs to be split between truly "as-issued" military surplus guns like mine vs new production copies like the Springfield GI. There's no way a surplus "as-issued" gun will be as tight as a recently made commercial copy without replacing parts. Even doing so, there seems to be quite a bit of interpretation of the rules as to what is allowed.

If I had access to a warehouse of parts, I could scrounge around until I found a barrel and bushing that fit my gun tightly and qualify as "as-issued" where fitting new replacements to meet the same tolerances is frowned upon.
Yeah, the Bullseye community went through something similar to this when the Distinguished Revolver matches started. Little things like reaming the chambers to equal size, fixing end shake, etc. were thought to be bad form by some. It would be impossible to tell after the fact. Technically, you could get a really well-built revolver out of S&W or a crappy one. If you were stuck with a bad revolver that had issues out of the box, then what? If you bought a used gun, how would you know if it had been lightly accurized?

Rules aside, I would just generally stick to the spirit of honest competition. I personally would not find it objectionable for someone to swap out a bushing on a GI pistol, provided he used a USGI part. Then again, I would also consider a 1911 that couldn't hold the black at 25 yards to be fundamentally broken in some way.

Even with brand new pistols, I've seen a few Springfields that had terrible accuracy, but also some with awesome accuracy (a lot of times locking up on an improperly-fit link).
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