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I met Leon in Dec 2008 when I stopped at the South Store to see what this CMP stuff was all about.

Planned to maybe buy one rifle, left with four (M44US, M1903, M1917, M1 Garand).

I blame Leon as the pusher who introduced me to the hard drug world of C&R weapons.

Leon was totally focused on pleasing his customers, and sold an unknown number (easily tens of thousands) of CMP rifles. He is a fine gentleman.

Having said that, his brother Don is another Southern gentleman who exemplifies the best of the CMP. I remember going down several times to the TMP while it was being built. Don and I would get in a golf cart, and he would show me what had been constructed since my last visit.

Don is also, in addition to being a superb shot, a wonderful coach and tutor in the art of marksmanship.

Mother and Father Rutherford must have been truly exceptional people to have borne and raised such fine sons.

"Life is Good!"
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