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Thanks, seem like reasonable explanations.

Originally Posted by Milsurp Collector View Post
...Whatever the percentage is, the percentage of "correct" or allegedly "original" carbines is probably 2 or 3 times higher now than it was 10 years ago due to all the "correcting" and outright counterfeiting that has been going on.
:-) Good one. I remember my father (WWII vet) saying in the 70's that the number of D-Day veterans seemed to be increasing with each passing year. Now it's carbines. (And good point on the guns with late features from the start, and returned shipments to allies.)

Vagrant, hadn't considered half-buttocked rebuilds as an explanation, but that does make some sense. I have an NPM stock with an AAG rebuild mark, but it's still high wood. Odder is the S'G' trigger housing I got on a CMP carbine where it looks like somebody started to drill the oil hole for the mag catch and then gave up after making a dimple, thereby ensuring that it is neither original nor a rebuild. Kind of like being undead.
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