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Default First range results with 513T

Although I got my Remington 513T last fall (from CMP), it wasn't until this week that I had the Redfield 75 sight to make it useful. I had it at the range yesterday and today, absolutely love shooting it. As heavy as these are, and as light as the .22 round, your eye never need leave the target as you cycle the bolt.

Although I had a pretty brisk quartering wind, the groups at 50 feet were not affected, and at 50 yards still quite acceptable to me for a 67 year old rifle (not to mention my 50 year old eyes!).

The first three targets were shot at 50 feet; the two that are basically one ragged hole are 10 shot groups. The one with 6 separate targets on it holds 5 shot groups. The last target was shot at 50 yards, is an 18 shot group (I had two FTFs out of two clips), and you can see the breeze opened up the group somewhat, and I had to go to a bigger target diameter so as to find it in the peep sight, but I am really pleased with this gun!

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