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Originally Posted by Hilldweller View Post
The Cascades start just east of you ! Been up to Leavenworth (considered moving there) and the local Sheriff up there laughed when we asked where we can shoot. "Just not in m direction!" Pretty much anywhere that's marked (I believe its) green on a forestry map.

Check out your local law enforcement and ask about good locations in the hills near you. They'll be happy to tell you where good spots are.

Remember - pick a good backstop, avoid steel core/AP/mixed metal bullet casings (attracts a magnet) so you don't spark a fire, and food/water. (that's "Garand food" )
Washington is an interesting state that is essentially split into two parts by the Cascade range. The west side, aka the Wet Side, or the Liberal Side is NOT very friendly to gun owners like the east side of the mountains, aka the Dry Side, or the Conservative Side. It truly is a remarkable geographic line that splits the weather and politics.

Leavenworth is on the Dry Side.

Also..... douglas fir and cedar on one side versus pine on the other.

Thanks for the ammo heads-up.
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