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I was at the Wexford range this morning. I was first there behind two brass rats that were picking up but not shooting. The range was the best I have seen it in a long time.
I hung my target and talked to the brass rats for about 30 min about my AR and competition shooting.
Two pistol shooters showed up then three riflemen. The pistol shooters asked if the line was cold so they could post targets I checked left and right since I was center line and asked as well if the three rillemen they were all clear and they said yes. The pistol shooters go down to post. One of the riflemen picks up his rifle. I had to tell him no handling when people are down range. The pistol shooters get back to the line and I made the line hot. Pistol guys started shooting. Riflemen pull out machine pistols and begin to bump fire. I told them they should at least post a target so the do not get in trouble for indiscreniment firing. They even shot my target in their spray and pray fun. I was thinking that this will be a good test of my concentration, I shot 22 shots on a 600 yd reduced to 100 yard target and shot only four nines. The entire time I was thinking where it the warden when you need one. As I got up from my mat, the warden was showing the three his badge. They got cited for no hunting tag or range permit, and violation of several safety rules.
Sometimes there is a cop when you need one.

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