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Default Why are young kids so good?

I'm 63 years. I got it into my head a few years ago to give air rifle a serious try. So I went out and bought an FWB 800. It has become my favorite rifle to shoot (and I have many rifles). I practice with it consistently in my basement, as I have the necessary 33 feet to shoot it in. Rain or shine (or snow in my case), day or night, I can practice with it. It's great.

Few people are more disciplined than I am. Yet, I suck at it. Offhand, my scores on the NRA A5/10 are consistently in the seventies. Kneeling, in the eighties. Only in sitting and prone do I break into the nineties, and not even then all the time.

I look at the scores from some air rifle matches, and I see these kids shooting scores I can only dream of - high nineties, for the most part, many cleans.

How come they can do it and I can't? It's not for lack of trying on my part, or lack of practice, or lack of quality equipment. And I'm in pretty good shape for an old codger.
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