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Default 10m air rifle scores ?

I know this isnít the air rifle forum but that one seems pretty dead. Just out of curiosity how do 10m offhand air rifles compare to small bore or 100yd service rifle scores?

I picked up a RWS Diana 75 to hopefully work on my off hand scores for small bore/service rifle. The rifle shoots just fine Iíve cleaned a few 10m targets off the bench with it. Iíve had the rifle a couple weeks and have been shooting about 70 give or take.

Just for giggles I looked back at my offhand scores for indoor 50í small bore and 100yd service rifle. I shoot an older Anschutz 1407 for small bore and usually shoot the upper 70ís low 80ís

My offhand 100yd service rifle with my Garand are about 80 give or take and with my AR I shoot mid-upper 80ís offhand

It would seem like my 10m scores would kinda mirror my other offhand scores or is the air rifle/10m target less forgiving
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