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Originally Posted by VMFn542bob View Post
Excellent presentation and the Video quality is quite adequate. I was impressed with the evolution of the pits ans spotting techniques. Last time I pulled targets, 55 years ago at P.I., the location of the spotting disc placed in the bullet hole was flagged by holding a large metal disk on a pole over the spotting disc. The color of the the large disc indicated the score. More than once I had another bullet go through the large disc. And more than once I had more than one bullet hole in the target when someone fired on the wrong target. Thanks for posting this.
Thanks, your above post happened many times at Edison Range, 1966..
We had many targets full of holes from other shooters. It was a common mistake, I missed expert by two points, I was heart broken. boo hoo.

Woes be to the non qual. they PT those dummies all day long. made them put there uniforms on backward and march backward. I never could figure how they could miss such a large target. I'm guessing most recruits out of my 90 man platoon never ever handled a rifle before boot camp. thanks...... Junnie
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