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Default Lurker no more...

Thought I would introduce myself as a newly registered user.

Have lurked here for years, hence the title of this thread.

Have been a fan and advocate of the CMP since the mid 1990's. Purchased my once in a lifetime $310 Garand in 1996. Am honored to have been it's caretaker since.

Had followed the progression of the legislation enabling the 1911 sales and was thrilled when round one opened. Put in my round one paperwork asap and was rewarded with a very high RNG number, 17, 300 something. Fully thought the program would be killed before I got called.

November 2020 got the call and followed the be a grizzly advice, go big! Received an Ithaca/Rand SG that came out of Crane NSWC in 2010'ish. Is beautiful! Did a couple FOIA requests to top it off. Am thrilled still one year later!

Anyone who shoots, values history and cares about the future of the 2nd amendment needs to be a part of the CMP. I personally consider it a Civic Duty! They are great people to boot.

Will post when moved to do so but still am a

Habitual lurker,

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