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Arrow Latest Mac Install Instructions

It seems the later versions of the Mac OS automatically extract contents of .zip files that are downloaded. As of this date and time (to be updated later) my Mac OS install instructions say to extract the contents of the downloaded zip file to your Aplications folder on your Mac. Well, for later Mac Os's (I'm not sure when it changed), the extraction is no longer required. However, you do have to move the NMCollectorJE application to your Mac Applications folder and run it from there in order for it to work properly.

It is a little more complicated to run from a USB flash drive. In that case you need to:
  1. Download and copy the Mac only version to your Applications folder
  2. Run NM Collector from your Applications folder
  3. Download the USB version and copy the contents of the NMCollectorJE folder (do not copy the folder itself) to your USB drive. In other words, copy only the contents of the folder to the root of your USB flash drive.
  4. Delete the NMCollectorJE application (just the application) from the USB flash drive
  5. Copy the NMCollectorJE application from your Applications folder to your USB flash drive (in place of the one you deleted).

Now you can run it on your USB flash drive.
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