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Default Making your short Sarco sling work better!

Hi All,

One guys thoughts! Let me say it's a nice sling, for carry & it is very easy to adjust! Maybe you have a better way?

I ordered a new 60 inch web strap for my Kerr sling. I think I need a 52 / 54 inch long section.
Sadly the Sarco Kerr sling is just a bit too short for me to use properly, on a Springfield.03 or 03 A3.
I tried many variations based on the Kerr directions on line.... There was just no way I could have set that sling like the direction's & pictures showed in real use other then a carry sling. The two doubled loops were just too short. I'm not a big guy 5'11" -180 lbs

Sarco's sling was just too tight for anything like tight but comfortable controlled set up for more serious shooting.
Even with the straps let out to the longest attachment points, it was a chore to get set up & stay in place, once I was locked in!
I'm going to try to save the original hollow rivets or I'll use pop rivets, till I find a more accurate replacement type on line.

Hope this helps,
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