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Originally Posted by BubbaTheKid View Post
Apparently, before my time with CMP, there was an old server with tons of info from alot of builds guys did in the past. The one bit of info you can find here that was brought forward involves a guy removing the steps, cutting a receiver cone, adding a muzzle break, tapping the receiver etc, etc. Seems really cool, apparently shoots very well too, but it also allegedly took away accuracy as the barrel was shortened to something shorter than Dr. Mann discovered and the steps in the barrel are there to deal with harmonics.
That would be my rifle. I didn't do the work mentioned above. I bought it from wmorrison as an 80% finished project. It has moments of brilliance and moments of really ugly. The worst thing that Morrison's gunsmith did was park the barrel without plugging it. The bore got parked!!!
The 2nd worst thing done was to cut a feed cone which forced the barrel to be shortened by almost an inch.
The 3rd bad deal was the flash hider. The loads that shoot well with the flash hider installed shoot like hammered dog poo when you take it off.
Works exactly the same the other direction.
Looks really cool though.
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