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^^^ That's the rifle I was thinking of. Very much admire it. ^^^

I have yet to shoot My Mann Rifle. It is as it was received currently. I have now a scope, and some stocks to work with etc.

In a scenario where the sleeve would be retained I have also considered evolving Bob's design forward. What I mean is, consider the design of a Short Magazne lee Enfield #1 Mark III, the way the butt stock goes into the receiver at one end, and the fore stock at the other, I thought perhaps a clamp scenario around the collar like Bob's but less diesel, maybe in brass or aluminum, with inletting at the fore & aft areas would allow a butt stock to enter it and bolt up to the receiver, out of the front of the clamp some sort of threaded rod situation could happen, or two which the fore stock would slide onto, with inletting so the front stock entered a relieved area of the clamp. The barrel would free float as designed without undue pressure on the receiver.

Thank you for your condolences.
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