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The oldest hardened receiver staking (and should be serialized but photo of base not included) I have seen is 3351669. There are several close after that. But, it is unlikely that G&H worked them in SN order and it is unclear if there is a batch association to the change in process or if it was on the fly. So, there might be a transition mix
Fwiw, my M1C was a matching bracket with serial number on the bottom of the bracket as done in WWII, s/n 3344977. (rifle was likely made the first half of December 44', but I have no idea when G&H did the conversion work, as it has a 1955 barrel that was installed by the Greeks. I think the M1C scope brackets may have been removed during the re-barrel process, with the staking disturbed during that re-barreling procedure.)

Per an article in the Winter 2008 GCA Journal, 398 of 1591 had matching numbers on the bottom of the base (25%) and 163 had matching numbers on the side (10%).
That largely comports with my anecdotal. When I bought my M1C at the CMP Eastern Games in 2012, of the 6 of 7 M1Cs on the table for sale, I bought the only one with its matching WWII era serial number on the bottom of the bracket. I recall some of the other M1Cs had matching serial numbers on the side of the bracket (along with early 1950s era barrels), which were Korean War era conversions.

There were still plenty of Korean War era side-stamped matching brackets in the NS during a Sept 2013 visit, but almost all of them were Greek black. There were only 2 M1Cs with what we believed to be original 1945 barrels w/ matching serial #s on the bottom of the bracket, and my buddy bought one of them during the trip. We were on a mission and we looked at all of the approx 90 of the M1Cs that the NS had at that time. (the whole store was basically filled with either M1Ds and M1Cs of various grades, with no standard M1s on the sales floor).

So, my guess is the matching bracket M1Cs got picked-over several years ago...
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